New Orleans Criminal Attorney Explains Defense Options

If you have been charged with assault or battery? You may think your defense is pretty solid, but you could be wrong. You must determine whether or not you want to risk your freedom on your chosen defense. An experienced criminal defense attorney may recommend one of these common legal defenses for the best possible outcome.

Self-defense is a common mechanism used to combat charges of assault. If you go into court with this type of defense, prepare to be willing to prove that somebody was harming you and that you were experiencing reasonable fear. You must show that you did not intend to cause harm at the beginning of the altercation and that you had no way of retreating from a fight without force.

Another way to defend yourself against assault and battery charges is to declare that you were protecting another individual from harm. To use this defense, you must prove that another person was at risk and you had reasonable suspicion that this person was going to be harmed. For instance, you may have seen an individual threaten your friend with a knife, and you took action. In a case involving a lot of people, you may be able to argue that you were not part of the fight. You may have been accused of a crime simply because you were a bystander.

For somebody to claim that you assaulted them, an individual must be able to prove that you created fear of injury. If the victim was not actually in fear of their safety, you might be able to demonstrate that he or she is acting out of revenge or getting leverage in another court case.

No matter the case, this skilled defense attorney specializes in criminal law and is your best bet at combating charges. If you believe that you are innocent of the charges brought against you, you need to hire this attorney to fight for you. Visit for more information and to schedule a consultation.

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